Life Amid Debt
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07768 681564
(9am - 6pm, text or call)
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LAD operates in Cambridgeshire.  'Face to face' advice is available in St Neots via drop-in and in Huntingdon by appointment. Our phone and email service covers the  whole county. See 'Contact us' for full details.

LAD knows about debt.  Some of the team have been there themselves.  They came out the other side.  So can you!


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Cambridgehire, St Neots, Huntingdon


About LAD

Life Amid Debt exists to help the growing number of people facing money and debt problems.

LAD knows about debt. Some of the team have been there themselves. They came out the other side. So can you!

We are a registered charity offering a FREE, CONFIDENTIAL service to the residents of Cambridgeshire. 'Face to face' advice is available in St Neots via drop-in and in Huntingdon by appointment. We also provide a phone and email service to all local areas. See our contact page for full details.

Why are we needed when there are big 'household names' in the area, such as the CAB and AgeUK? Debt is a growing problem and, with cuts in their budgets, other agencies are struggling to cope. There always seems to be room for more debt advice.

LAD specialises in treating the whole of a client's debt issues, offering emotional support in addition to practical help, where we are requested to do so.

Local housing associations have identified to Life Amid Debt an increase in people struggling to pay their rent. We are working closely with some of them to help you to keep the roof over your head.

We recognise that:

LAD encourages and supports their clients to act on their own behalf. We teach life skills to help you manage your finances and give you the confidence to take action. Having someone to talk to means a lot. As the saying goes "a problem shared is a problem halved". We can't exactly take half the burden of debt from you but we can promise to make you feel like someone is on your side and offer you advice and practical assistance that will put you on the path towards a debt-free future. Where an area of advice is beyond our remit, LAD will carefully sign-post you to specialist organisations.

Our aim is to help you get your life back.

A part of our work is encouraging Group Workshops at Community Centres so people can work together to discuss their debt problems and how they can overcome them. In addition we work with Rainbow Credit Union and the Stop Loan Sharks campaign.