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LAD operates in Cambridgeshire.  'Face to face' advice is available in St Neots via drop-in and in Huntingdon by appointment. Our phone and email service covers the  whole county. See 'Contact us' for full details.

LAD knows about debt.  Some of the team have been there themselves.  They came out the other side.  So can you!


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Cambridgehire, St Neots, Huntingdon

Debt Management workshops for community groups

LAD offers two separate workshops aimed at two specific groups.

Workshop 1 - for young adults moving on from hostel housing into their first unsupported housing.

Approx 2 hours in length, it would be a combination of group work, tutor led, and pairs etc, with handouts and flyers.

Workshop 2 - aimed at Adults or families who are facing debt crisis, or would like advice on how to stay out of debt.

Will be a combination of Tutor led, group work, pairs etc, with handouts and flyers.

Workshop 3 - Aimed at Adults and Families who may be concerned about Email or Telephone scams.

 This Workshop has been created using all the current information provided by the police force's 'Operation Stirling'

To run the workshops successfully a maximum of 10 people at a time would be beneficial, and the timings can be flexible.

With the Teenagers, these can be run over 2 hours at the service providers. Currently LAD are running workshops for Axiom Housing at Paine’s Mill in St Neots, and for The Salvation Army at Kings Ripton Court in Huntingdon. As an added enticement for the young people we offer a selection of snacks/drinks/pizza etc. during the workshop.

When offering workshops for Adults a suitable centre easily accessed by whoever has booked the workshop will need to be discussed. For instance, we are currently working with three of the major housing associations Axiom, Luminus and Metropolitan, and we would look at running these in their training suites, again for a maximum number of ten people at a time over 3.5 hours. The timings would range from approx 10 am through to 1.30 pm and would include a working lunch, drinks etc., again as an enticement for attending. Timings need to fit with childcare/school hours and also allow easy access for travel to and from the venue.


Please get in touch if you would like to know more about our workshops.